Katie Podralski

Blogger, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach, CEO of Functional Nutrition Fitness, Inc. www.functionalnutritionfitness.com

This writing is my soul work. 

Writing and blogging have always been a way for me to take the empath that I am and reach as many people as I can. I want every person that stops by this blog to feel connected and less alone one post at a time. I am being the person that I needed by living life without a filter.

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Giving you a behind the scenes insight of what seems to be like #relationshipgoals, #yogi, #fitspo, #entrepreneurlife on social media. No one's life is as easy or as perfect as it seems. Everything that I write is my journal. It is my daily outlet. It is the way I get the good and bad off of my chest. It is a way for me to release energy. If there is something in this blog that you do not like, makes you upset, or feels like a personal attack... please don't message me. Instead, go journal about it. 

Take it or leave it.


This is life without the filter.