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Detox. Retox. Repeat.

This morning I was quickly reminded why I started doing a social media detox. I watched Max's head down in his phone while we were eating breakfast and I thought I was going to lose my SHIT. But I didn't-- (hahaha we argued about me feeling like he didn't appreciate me cooking breakfast, but not about phone use) -- because I'm just as guilty on multiple other occasions.

brussel sprouts, dippy eggs, sourdough toast

Last month I decided to Marie-Kondo the fuck out of my Instagram. I unfollowed every account that didn't bring me joy, purpose, or self reflection. I deleted my social media apps (with the exception of signing in to upload to the FNF business account). And I spent a lot of time working and journaling and yoga-ing and fitness-ing.

Well, today I'm doing it again. I'm not sure how much time I'll take, and I decided that when I do my monthly social media detox I'm not going to put a timeline to it. I'm not going to make it this formal thing and force myself into my own expectation. I'm just going to embrace it and feel it out because it feels GOOD to me. Observing how many times I've gone to mindlessly open social media, noticing how I feel when everyone in the room has their heads down and my head is up watching them, seeing how it makes me feel when people are saying 'did you see what x, y, z posted?' ... 'did you see what I sent you?' ... 'hold on while I watch this' ...

Truly, just making this an observation piece and drawing awareness around how the digital life impacts my life.

The first time I unfollowed people I unfollowed over 800 accounts. This time, I only unfollowed a little over 70. But still! When you clean those accounts out it's actually just 870 less lives I look at, compare mine to, 'like' or scroll past... it's less.

Peacin' off tha gram. Excited to see the projects I finish, the fitness and yoga I do, and the way I feel above all. #besttimeofthemonth


This is life without the filter,