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Vision & Goals

I'm 8 months into this entrepreneur life.

This working-from-home-and-no-set-hours... life.

And I'm just now having my first week of feeling like I've got this shit down. Wake up-- go to the gym at 6am-- grab a coffee and work until 12pm-- walk home to make lunch-- head back to the gym by 1:30pm-- work again from 3:30pm-6pm-- and try to attend a yoga class-- leave said yoga class-- go home to shower, cook dinner for Max and I, and wind down for bed.

For some people this probably sounds like the DREAM life.

People give me looks when I even begin to complain about work. I see their chest and faces become tense. I notice their awkward attempts to smile it off. I assume they are thinking about how ungrateful I sound. It shows through when they respond to me with:

"At least you get to wake up whenever you want."

"Yeah but you can come to the gym at any time."

"I wish I could just sit at a coffee shop to work all day."

I said 'I assume' because, I don't know for sure if they think I'm ungrateful or if that is just a thought that lingers in my head from all of the times my mom told me I was ungrateful for things growing up. I don't know if it's my shit, or their shit. Maybe they have thoughts around their current life and what they want to be doing but aren't doing... all I know is it's not mine to stress over. There is no one that I need to convince. I do not need to spend time altering others' opinions or thoughts or to clarify what I think they are trying to say. It is just not ... totally not worth it.

This is my dream life.

But it doesn't mean that I am entirely adjusted to it. It doesn't mean it was any bit easier to settle into and get into the routine of this dream life. This is hard. Not having a group of people to work with all day when I thrive in a teamwork environment is hard. Not having the permission to clock in and out is hard. Not having the confidence of a paycheck coming in biweekly is hard. Not feeling the obligation to get dressed and presentable every day Is hard. Things are hard. But I'm GRATEFUL. Each and every day is getting a bit easier. I’m feeling a bit more in my groove... getting dressed... wearing makeup. I'm just starting to get that schedule down that allows me to work hard and keep myself in check. It’s a work in progress.

Anyways. Back to what I wanted to write.

...journaling is messy. Lol... that was my E-life update.

Max and I went to the lululemon I used to work at on Sunday for a Vision & Goals Workshop. I've actually lead this workshop before, for employees, but this time I sat in on one myself. What I love about lululemon's vision and goals is that-- possibilities are endless. Going into it you leave behind any idea or thought that is a limiting belief of yours. You go into it with a mindset that is filled with empowering beliefs. There was a 30-min yoga and mediation before we got into the goal setting.

The meditation was based around imagining you were on a ship, and you were the captain of the ship. What did the ship look like it, what valuables of mine were on the ship with me, who was on the ship with me, what was the temperature, where were we going... just taking a moment to imagine.

We went through this meditation twice. Once in the beginning of our yoga practice and once at the end. In the first meditation all I thought of was: My ship is a yacht. I'm cruising in 85 degree weather. I have Max, my laptop, healthy food, and wifi.

This is all I had in mind because it's the only thing I view as valuable and things that I need. But the second time around...

I viewed myself owning a cafe/coffee shop.

A place where I could go into after my morning workout, manage a team of people, have an office that still has people in and out of it and a place of community, and a space where I can call mine.

I've imagined having this life with my friend Anh. Her and I have the same visual and idea of a space-- she brings the design and I bring the food (well, both of us do) and we both want the same things out of it. A space that we can connect. Ever since leaving lululemon, I find myself trying to manage Max's gym. Because I THRIVE managing a team and cleaning a brick and mortar space. I THRIVE on organizing a building and community events and a social media page. These are the things that I am really, really great at (aside from coaching). I really crave having my own space. My own vision and my own things coming to life.

And I have a part of that. I have one of the three businesses that I see myself owning. (Remote coaching biz, a gym, and a coffee shop/cafe).

I love mapping out my life. I love seeing the vision and breaking down how to take action to achieve it.

I'm no longer confused about what else I see myself doing or confused about feeling stuck. The rest is up to me to work my ass off for what I want and how I see my life. The uncomfortable parts of my life right now, the unknown with finances-- the unknown with workload-- the unknown of my day to day, will continue to feel more 'KNOWN' as I progress and move forward.

This is the best life.

This is the life that I am creating.


This is life without the filter,